Nette is 3ʳᵈ most popular framework

by David Grudl 4 years ago | Nette

In the survey Best PHP Framework for 2015 organized by the magazine SitePoint Nette takes amazing 3rd place. Thank you for your votes! I am pleased that the users are satisfied with Nette.

It is also interesting how a large number of PHP frameworks are actually used and that there are still many people which don't use any framework.

Changes in Tester 1.4.0

by Miloslav Hůla 4 years ago | Tester

The Nette Tester 1.4.0 has been released one month ago. I would like to describe new features now, they are in the name of XML.

The code coverage functionality (via --coverage parameter) is present in the Tester for a long time. Report is formatted in an HTML, pleasant for programmer eyes. The Tester supports XML format now, perfect for a machine processing. The format is known as a CloverXML format. It is borrowed from the Java world, but it is quite spreaded in the PHP world too. For example, PhpStorm and Netbeans IDEs can load such report and helps you to visualize, how is the code covered by tests. The CloverXML format is supported by some CI tools too, e.g. Scruntinizer and Jenkins CI, or by specialized services like Coveralls. If you are curious how the CloverXML format looks like, you can take a look at Tester's test.

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Link generation in emails with Nette 2.3

by David Grudl 5 years ago | Nette

Since Nette 2.3, there is a LinkGenerator tool, which allows you to generate links without need to use presenters and still in a very comfy way. How to use it?

Let’s show that on an example of a class, which sends emails. Email code can look like this:

<title>Subject of message</title>

<p>Hello {$name} <a n:href="Homepage:">click here</a></p>

I will inject LinkGenerator to the class and assign it to $this->linkGenerator property.

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68th Czech Nette meetup “Last Saturday” in Prague

by Jiří Zralý 5 years ago | Events

On 31st of January, Nette meetup “Last Saturday” was held in Prague. It’s an event, which is held every last saturday of a month, in one of Czech big cities.

Since it’s organized by chemiX, we can see increasing standard of this event. This one started in the morning with a workshop for beginners and advanced users. Then, at 3 pm, common block of talks begun, with an audience of more than 120.

The highlight of the evening was – still hot – release of Nette 2.3 beta, which was presented by main developer of Nette Framework, David Grudl. We will post about new version on this blog when stable released, stay tuned.

Changes in Nette Tester 1.3.1

by Miloslav Hůla 5 years ago | Tester

The Nette Tester 1.3.1 has been released just yesterday. This new patch version fixes few minor bugs.

The FileMock does not use uniqid() anymore and it numbers mocked files sequentially. It prevents possible collisions.

You can acquire multiple locks in one test by the Environment::lock() now. Before 1.3.1, every next lock may release the previous one.

If you use the --stop-on-fail option, the testing progress is stopped in initial phase too. For example, if you forgot to call (new TestCase)->run() in a @testCase annoted file.

If you are familiar with the Tester, you know that a test will fail when does not invoke any assetion. This feature didn't work with HHVM < 3.4.0 because of HHVM bug. Since the HHVM 3.4.0 this feature works.

Beside the fixes, the --info output has been concentrated a little bit.

And that's all. Enjoy the testing!