Nette Magazine 10/2017

7 years ago by Honza Černý  

Speed ​​up your websites

As you know, Nette Framework has excellent support for easy AJAX websites. So it's a shame that lots of sites built on Nette do not use this opportunity to speed up the web. The library of Vojta Dobeše nette.ajax.js which is currently a little bit old. Another help recently came up the Nittro, which grew up to version 2. Recently we have the Naja library.

Is it possible to try Nette Database without the whole framework, but with the beauty of DI and Tracy? Yes. A new example in git repository

Jáchym Toušek (enumag) introduced an extensive package of Arachne libraries that brings some insights from the Symfony world or an alternative view of core Nette components.

In a Nutshell

Contribute – utils – an interesting widget, that can be used by several developers contributte/utils

Nextras – ORM – beta version of upcoming 3 nextras/orm

Dibi – v 3.1.0 dg/dibi/releases/tag/v3.1.0

Milo / Crypt — Simple class for encrypt and decrypt with signature gist/6fe7…813b

David Grudl – How to mock the final classes?…-final-tridy

In Conclusion

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Honza Cerny