Recapitulation of 2019 + Competition

4 years ago by Honza Černý  

Which event about Nette was your favourite this year? It can be anything from commit to a new community component.

Share your tip on Twitter or Facebook with hashtags #nettefw #php and win! For winners we prepared two packages that contains Nette socks, T-Shirt, one year license for JetBrains product and a card game Deploy or Die.

Please make sure that we add you into competition by sending link to forum.

What happened regarding Nette this year ? First Nette Conference happened and judging by the reviews it was a great success. I believe that this wasn't the last conference and we will surely host it again in next year. There were also lots of Posobota events in various cities of Czech republic. You can watch streams on our constantly growing YouTube channel. There was also around 20 meetings #nettefw beer and i should not forgot our 5th Nette Camp. Of course these events weren't the only ones where we could meet. I'd like to express my gratitude to guys in Prague, Brno and Pardubice for organising such great meetups. We have also travelled outside of Czech republic and visited Berlin and Barcelona where we gave talks about Nette and it's components and received very positive feedback.

This year was also released very anticipated version of Nette framework which starts with magic number 3! This version uses all the goodies from PHP 7 such as strict types, scalar and return type hints etc. It's the solid foundation for your robust applications and brings whole bunch of features for security, other enhancements and new packages e.g. Schema for validation of your input data.

Soon after the release of version 3 followed updates of key components, you can find them all in one place on our server Componette.

Big changes haven't missed also Nette website. It got lots of new content and also a sleek new look. The documentation looks also very different nowadays or blog. Lots of bigger components were given their own websites like Latte, Tracy etc. Part of the new website is also page with all commits and mainly overview of all release notes try our STARWARS mode ;-)

I'd like to thank all of you for another great year with Nette Framework. I think that i can express my gratitude for all members of core team that were with us the whole 2019. Special thanks goes to all our backers, sponsors and partners. Thank you for your support in 2019 and I'm really looking forward for the upcoming 2020.

P.S. The draw for the competition will be on 6th January