Launching a Crowdfunding Program

6 years ago by David Grudl  

We have launched a new crowdfunding program aimed at raising financial support for the development of Nette. The main change is that instead of one-time contributions, it focuses on regular monthly support. This can come from both individuals and companies, offering them the opportunity to gain visibility on the Nette website and advertise on the forum or directly in the documentation, which are the best places to reach the target audience of programmers.

Everyone who builds on Nette is interested in the framework being actively developed. That it supports new versions of PHP. That bugs are fixed. That it comes with new features that make work easier or save time and money. That the framework has great documentation and there is useful content around it, whether in the form of articles, tutorials, or videos.

Many parts of Nette represent the world’s best, and we want to keep it that way.

Without adequate funding, none of this can be guaranteed. Yet to ensure that new versions are released, it takes very little: just support it with even a small financial amount each month.

Join us and become a Nette partner!

Does Your Company Use Nette?

If you work at a company that makes money using Nette, please explain to your boss that it's a good idea to become a partner and thus ensure the healthy functioning of the project you rely on. It will increase the priority of solving your issues and simultaneously give your company visibility in the community, attracting developers to you.

Partnership comes with exclusive benefits. For example, having your logo displayed on this website, the ability to post job offers, advertise on the forum (example) or in the documentation (example), i.e., in places with the best reach to the Nette developer community.

We issue invoices to partners so they can expense their support, either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Do You Use Nette Privately?

We also appreciate your support! Sign up for regular donations through PayPal. Your name will be visible on the Nette website.

How Much Money Is Needed?

At the moment, we have set three goals we want to achieve.

The first goal is $3000 per month, which will ensure that one programmer can dedicate half of their time to development. Further development of Nette will continue, but at half the pace, which is not ideal. Upon reaching the threshold of $6000, the framework will gain a full-time developer and new versions can be released each year.

The costs are so low because we don't need offices and we mainly work on something we enjoy.

Upon reaching the third milestone of $9000 per month, we will be able to invite additional collaborators to improve the website, documentation, create new content, and have it translated into English. This will reach the international community. The fourth milestone allows for the involvement of a second programmer, which would significantly speed up development and issue management.

Once this milestone is reached, we will prepare additional goals, which would include more programmers, the creation of new useful tools and libraries. Then maybe a book about Nette will be written.