Hurray! The revolutionary Nette 3 is here!

5 years ago by David Grudl  

The Nette team is proud to announce the final release of Nette 3.0.0. We’ve been working on this release for two years and now we are happy to say: it is finished.

Nette is the world's first full-stack framework that uses major benefits of PHP 7.1:

  • full usage of scalar type hints
  • full usage of return type hints
  • all files have declare(strict_types=1)

And what are the main new features?

  • added a new tool for updating Nette TypeFixer
  • improved API for routing
  • CSRF protection using SameSite cookie for all signals
  • Nette\Security\Password is now a service
  • form values can be mapped to an object
  • all form controls are optional by default
  • more intuitive and richer API in PhpGenerator
  • RobotLoader can be used without autoloading features
  • added new package Schema
  • added new package Routing
  • added PSR-3 adapters for Tracy
  • 10× faster dumping in Tracy
  • modern Bootstrap
  • Tester has Expect for complex assertions formulation
  • added support for PCOV code coverage
  • Dependency Injection was completely rewritten
  • addService() accepts closure as a factory
  • autowiring of collection of services
  • multi-factories and accessors
  • added support for schema for validation of configuration
  • possibility to limit the size of exported data
  • added SearchExtension for auto-adding services
  • %variables% are allowed in keys and in includes

…and a lot of other improvements (see release notes). Soon, new articles that will introduce you to all new features in Nette 3.0.0 will be posted here on the blog.

Thank all the contributors that helped this release happen!

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  1. Great! Cant wait for upcomming articles about all the packages.

    5 years ago
  2. Is it possible to set nette-samesite cookie with secure true?

    5 years ago · replied [3] xsuchy09
  3. #2 xsuchy09 Answer is yes:
    cookieSecure: true

    5 years ago

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