Nette Magazine #1

8 years ago by Honza Černý  

We Are Expanding

Our Czech mailing list community already counts more than 600 subscribers. It is a shame that we are not able to gauge the exact count of newcomers who decided to read this actual post. But I believe that this number is going to rise at least as fast as the Czech, local one.

Nette Framework

A new patch version of Nette Framework has just released. It brings a few novelties that may be found at…3-9-released. I cannot leave out, at least, one of them – it is now possible to turn off the Tracy by Debugger::$showBar = FALSE; The last stable versions (2.3.9, 2.2.12 and even 2.1.12) are fully compatible with PHP 7 and, as a bonus, version 2.3.9 can get used of PHP 7 features as argument type hints and a return type of a generated factory.

But this is not the end yet. There has also been a proposed Nette 2.4 release plan; the subsequent issue of this newsletter is going to contain some more info about it.

Tracy Built Upon AJAX

David Kadera is currently working on some changes that I would like to mention. The functionality of Tracy is going to be enhanced with support for AJAX (and likely CLI also) – the first dose of code and tests are already online. You can review a working prototype at…ree/ajax-bar.

PhpStorm Plugins

The popular PhpStorm plugins have been updated – David Matějka submitted their new versions during February. Especially autocomplete feature in the NEON plugin works pretty well. David has also recorded a core of the Nette Framework plugin that is no longer causing occasional deadlocks. And this is not the end – a new version of Latte plugin has also been released, which (besides of ordinary and n: macros) fully supports HTML, Emmet, JavaScript, and CSS development.

These plugins are accessible through the JetBrains Plugin Repository (Neon, Nette and Latte). You might also want to support us by starring our corresponding GitHub repositories. Neon ★, Nette ★, Latte ★


More and more people are coming to our informal discussing event, so as a consequence, we are expanding to even more locations during the next month. A new Facebook page is about to be set that is going to work as a hub of organizing these events at even more places – e.g. it will be possible to involve cities like Vienna or Berlin.


You can support our team by purchasing official Nette t-shirts from a recently launched online store. Also, when you are buying a t-shirt, don't forget to order some more Nette stickers; Unfortunately, out-of-Czech delivery is not currently supported. But anyway, in case of the demand for any item, you can still contact me.


A reveal of NettePro is coming soon. David Matějka has already coded a ticket support app and David Grudl is finishing a registration tool and a dashboard containing info provided to our partners. Last, my work is to hire people for a support team (Nette Support Commando – will be adjusted 😉 ).

In a Nutshell


Milan is constantly updating a new addons portal which is about to lose its beta tag soon. Test it and leave feedback.


A lifespan of this hangover tool is certainly heading to the end. A Newer version of the Nette Framework will replace this object by Trait collection. You can already see it in production at Dibi and Texy projects.

Nextras ORM 2

Nextras community has released a new major version of its new popular ORM newcomer. Change list may be accessed from here.

Nette Tester & PhpStorm

Jirka is currently working on a code integration, see the online repository.

To Conclude

You have just finished reading the first official NettePro Newsletter. If you desire to leave some feedback or whether you miss some important info here, please contact me.

Honza Černý (it’s like John Black)