#[Requires] Attribute Simplifies Access Control

about a month ago by David Grudl  

The #[Requires] attribute allows you to define rules for accessing presenters or their methods. Imagine being able to restrict access to certain actions to POST requests only, or conversely, allow calls only from AJAX. This is now possible.

What the attribute enables:

  • Action Restrictions: You can specify that a presenter (or component) is available only for certain actions.
  • HTTP Method Restrictions: You can specify which HTTP methods are allowed.
  • AJAX Only: Ensure that some parts of your application respond only to AJAX requests.
  • Same Origin: Restrict access to your presenters to requests from the same origin only, thus protecting against CSRF vulnerability.
  • Access via Forward: Some parts of the application may be accessible only through specific redirection.

The attribute enhances the security of your application, but it also facilitates management and readability of the code. Everything is clearly and cleanly defined where it makes sense.

Are you interested in how to implement #[Requires] in your application? Wondering how to start using this attribute most effectively? Take a look at: