New Addons Portal is out

10 years ago by Miloslav Hůla  

New Addons Portal has been deployed. Most of the old addons have been migrated there, except for the oldest ones.

This new version brings multiple features, such as:

  • it's preferred to publish add-ons as a Packagist package
  • dependencies are loaded from composer.json
  • description can be written either in Texy!, or in Markdown
  • multiple categories and licenses can be chosen for your addons

It is possible to upload an addon package manually. This feature is mostly suitable for client-side addons.

To help disseminate the Nette Framework around the world, the only supported language of addon description on the website is English. There are still some addons in the Czech language, authors should update them as soon as possible.

The whole portal has been released as open-source. It is quite a grown application written in Nette Framework. Feel free to get inspired by it and report a bug if you'll happen to stumble upon one.