Nette Foundation meetup 3

10 years ago by Miloslav Hůla  

Another Nette Foundation meetup took place last week. The main topics were Addons portal deployment and splitting Nette Framework to more repositories.

Addon portal is almost ready for deployment. There was a mailing to the authors of addons with the request for an update. Unfortunately, some authors haven't replied. So even we wish to keep all addons it will not be possible. If you wish to preserve addon from Imported section or addon for Nette version <2.0 try to get in touch with the author.

Another big topic was splitting the Nette Framework into smaller parts. It had been discussed for a long time before but it was needed to make changes in code. After two years of preparations, the framework is ready and David announced the parts it would be divided. We try the migration to be as simple as possible. If you use Composer, migration will be pretty easy. If you download the ZIP archive from the Download page, you won't notice splitting at all. The impact of splitting will be noticeable if you clone the GIT framework repository. But tips will be prepared for you too.

There was not enough time for RFC from last meetup so we postponed that to the next session. But the progress of Nette goes on and if you like to help and you are not sure how come to next PoSobota.

At the end of the Nette Foundation session, we went through the list of commits in the master branch of Nette Framework and we cherry-picked the ones for the next minor version. David announced Nette Framework 2.1.2.

The Nette Boss role is dedicated to Martin Major for next month.