Nette Foundation Meetup 4 & 5

10 years ago by Miloslav Hůla  

The fourth meetup was held on April

It was a working night rather than a meeting. We were:

The fifth meetup was held on mid-May.

The first topic was the New default directory structure RFC. The discussion was long as usual with these everybody-affecting things. We agreed that the old behavior is quite outdated but we couldn’t agree about the new one. So we laid out a few basic requirements:

  • comfortable for small and big projects, with or without modules
  • don’t mix up common folders and specific implementation files
  • template layout is optional

and presumptions:

  • ideal application state is one or two actions per presenter
  • new Latte API will cache template file paths, template lookup efficiency is therefore not so important

Taking these into account we are preparing an implementation. It will pay attention, among the other things, to presenter's inheritance.

The second big topic was the website. New standalone projects become with the divided Nette framework, the website is not only about framework now.

At least the Tester, Latte, Tracy, and Database deserve a full-featured web presentation that current webpage cannot satisfy. Work is in progress.

We discussed a few next tiny issues and one bigger on the end. IProvider is a modular concept. In a short, it moves some user’s extension responsibilities into the framework. It starts to be more interesting with mature DI implementation as Nette DI had become. Things are moving, stay tuned.