Economy, containers and other hot news in Nette Forms

4 years ago by David Grudl  

An overview of the most important news in the nette/forms 3.0.x package.

Economic checkbox lists

The CheckboxList sent by the GET method is not transmitted economically, it wastes characters and creates a long line in the URL


The new feature is a shorter and more readable format like this:


The format change is handled by the script netteForms.js, which don't forget to update as well. This feature runs in test mode and must be activated using the data attribute:

$form = new Form;

Write to us in the comments how you like the simplified format.

Macro {formPrint}

Another novelty is the macro {formPrint [form-name]}, which will simplifie your work when you need to play with the output design of the form. The macro switches the output to a special mode in which the Latte code of form is generated instead of a page. It can be easily selected, copied to the clipboard and pasted into a template, where you can edit it as needed.

The output might look like this:

<form n:name="signInForm">
<ul class="error" n:ifcontent>
	<li n:foreach="$form->getOwnErrors() as $error">{$error}</li>

<tr class="required">
	<th>{label username/}</th>
	<td>{input username} <span class="error" n:ifcontent>{inputError username}</span></td>
<tr class="required">
	<th>{label password/}</th>
	<td>{input password} <span class="error" n:ifcontent>{inputError password}</span></td>
	<td>{input send}</td>

All settings of the renderer via $form->getRenderer()->wrappers are respected.

Mapping containers to classes in PHP 7.4

Do you use form containers, class mapping and PHP 7.4? Then you don't have to call setMappedType() for containers, just define the property type:

class FormData
	public string $title;
	public AddressFormData $address;

class AddressFormData
	public string $street;
	public string $city;
	public string $zip;

$form = new Form;
$address = $form->addContainer('address');
$form->onSuccess[] = function ($form, FormData $data) {
	// $data->address is instance of AddressFormData
	$street = $data->address->street;

If you receive data as an array function ($form, array $data), then the $data['address'] will also be array.

More news

  • fields addHidden() have setNullable() and addFilter() methods, as well as text inputs.
  • field addUpload() automatically sets the rule MAX_FILE_SIZE to the maximum allowed size of the uploaded file according to the PHP configuration upload_max_filesize, so the attempt to upload a larger file is stopped already on the browser side by the netteForms.js script.
  • netteForms.js also checks the MIME-TYPE rule on the browser side. This feature was turned off in the past due to a bug in Firefox.
  • netteForms.js also accepts image/webp as image