Changes in Nette Tester 1.3.0

10 years ago by Miloslav Hůla  

I would like to describe news and changes in Nette Tester 1.3.0. I'll start with the tiny one.

The FileMock class, introduced in the 1.2.0, now works with is_readable() and is_writable() functions.

Next change is a new command-line option -o (output format). The option can enumerate from three values: console, tap and none. The console value is the default one. But when explicitly specified, Tester's ASCII logo is not printed. It is handy when Tester runs from IDE. The tap value is Test Anything Protocol output format and it is replacement for deprecated --tap option. This deprecated option has been removed from the help screen but still works to keep backward compatibility. The none value suppresses any output, only bad usage exceptions are printed.

And the best for last. Tester now supports HHVM from version 3.3.0. And how to use it? Simply pass HHVM binary name by -p option. For example:

vendor/bin/tester -p hhvm tests