Nette 2.2: Revolution without Side-Effects

by Jan Smitka 5 years ago | Releases

About a two months ago, one of the most revolutionary versions of Nette Framework was released. This new version brings a huge change in structure of the framework – the main repository has been split into several standalone components.

The main repository has been physically split into the following repositories: Application, Bootstrap, Caching, ComponentModel, Nette Database, DI, Finder, Forms, Http, Latte, Mail, Neon, PhpGenerator, Reflection, RobotLoader, SafeStream, Security, Tokenizer, Tracy and Utils. Each repository represents one component and has its own history, releases, issues, pull-requests, and, of course, composer.json.

Some of the components also contain the src/Bridges directory, which provides integration with other parts of the framework. You do not need to install the referenced parts of the framework, use of the integration bridges is optional. All required dependencies are specified in the composer.json file.

Although the code repository has been dramatically split into several stand-alone components, there is no need to worry – you can still download the distribution package or install the whole framework by requiring nette/nette in your composer.json.

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Nette Tester 1.0 released

by David Grudl 6 years ago | Releases

Four years ago, a new simple unit test framework was added to the Nette Framework. ;-) Nowadays, Nette Tester has become a stable testing tool with integrated support in NetBeans 8.0 and a lot of features:

  • very easy to use and understand API
  • each test is a standalone PHP script
  • fast parallel testing
  • colorized and readable output, including TAP format
  • code coverage analysis
  • watching folders for changes and automatically re-run tests
  • HTML output testing

For more information see the readme file or the documentation.